Grateful community action helped defeat turbines


I am so grateful that the resolution was passed and the voice goes to the people, as it should be.

This resolution only lasts 10 years. Our county can not stop in the fight against wind or solar during that time. We were almost blindsided with the turbines if the people had not stepped up and in, to inform and stop them.

My personal takes on the 5/5 meeting::

1. A statement that this won’t cost anyone by going in, comes from those that have never really checked out what losses the non lease owners face, including the use of land that hasn’t been leased.

2. Ask that everyone respect the rights of the leaseholders for their property. The people ask the same, do not infringe your greed for money, and total disrespect for non leaseholders properties, that will forever be damaged by the industrial turbines. Our health, being at the top of the list. What value would be put on health?

3. Studies being submitted to OSPB are one sided. They were not gained by a nonpartisan group, but by companies that get paid from the same purse as Apex. Govt subsidies, from our tax dollars, are doled out to the wind companies. Who will support them when the subsidies stop?

4. Claims that the speakers giving the presentations in both public meetings, we have had, were talking about wind turbines 20-30 years old. First of all, they don’t last that long. So much information is available on the short lifespan and failures of them.

5. A comparison of turbines to the pipeline is no way equal. The pipeline is underground and does not reduce property values, cause health problems, disrupt wildlife forever, and no visual pollution in our precious countryside.

6. As for Med-Flight not being affected, ask the families of members who have lost loved ones due to the inability of helicopters flying in turbine polluted areas.They will tell you the truth, and the pain of their personal loss. No money can change or fix that.

7. Stating the the majority of taxes come from farmers, why are they getting such huge breaks on their taxes? Breaks in stores, roads, property taxes, fuel taxes, and the huge subsidies that the government passes out. Who covers the taxes they do not pay? Is it infringed on everyone? Where are my tax breaks?

8. By stating that the referendum is overstepping the jobs of the public servants, who do they believe voted them in, and can vote them out? Who do they work for? This was not a government overreach of the local residents over the servants, this was to stop the overreach that an outside company, Apex, is wanting to infringe onto a community.

9. Apex speaks of money as their main topic. What other positives can they give? Have you heard any admit that the studies and reports of all failures, in production, in longevity, and in the benefits that Apex claims, will help the community? All promised money is not being given according to research.

10. Our lives, and the lives of all creatures, will be safe from the attacks the monstrous turbines would put upon us by the approval of the resolution, and final voting, if it goes there in Nov.

11. Thank the Lord he opened eyes to those that made this turn out as it did. It’s a shame we had to go through as much as we did, since it could have been stopped on Oct 11 2021. Thank you to all that have put in so much time and efforts and have fought and stood behind us!

Jenice Hensley

Bucyrus, Ohio

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