I’m tired of COVID-19.

I’m not frightened by it. I’m not angry about it. I’m OK with all of the closings that are ruining our economy.

I hope they end soon, but I don’t expect that to happen until at least June, which is still six weeks off, but in this case

too late is better than too soon.

My fear is states of the Feds will stop too soon the things that helped to halt the spread of COVID-1.

So I guess I am afraid..

There are too many questions, and too few answers when it comes to this coronavirus.

I spend a lot of time listening to the news, perusing the Internet and checking local websites to see how Galion-area residents are being affected by this outbreak.

I’m tired of seeing President Trump on TV each afternoon. I’m actually tired of seeing Dr. Fauci and others, too. But I understand the need to keep Americans updated.

I’m tired of Trump’s Twitter account and his willingness to verbally shred anyone with the audacity to disagree with him.

On the positive side, I believe President Trump listens to real experts behind closed doors, when his ego is not on display. He’s done a lot of good things since this ordeal began.

But I’m not only sick of Donald Trump.

I’m sick of Democrats jumping on and disagreeing with every statement, decision or policy change Trump announces.

The political partisan bullcrap is so tiresome. It never ceases.

COVID-19 is a health story. It is a life-and-death story.

It is not a political platform.

I’m tired of ESPN.

Actually, I feel sorry for ESPN media personalities.

They have to find sports programming to talk about 24/7f or the many media platforms they control.

I understand their angst. On some days, I struggle finding local stories.

My job is easier than theirs, because I have news to report. But I’m also running out of steam.

I’m tired, physically and mentally.

But back to ESPN. Show producers are great at finding content. A lot of it is made-up. Some if it is down-right silly: H-O-R-S-E, online video basketball games, fake drafts, more fake crafts, and even more senseless drafts are tireseome. As are weird all-star teams. And although I’m a big Ohio State fan, I refuse to watch an OSU-UM game from 15 years ago or an NBA playoff game from the past.

And please, no more Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

I’m tired of not playing, and not watching golfers.

For years, the golf season — between the the PGA tounament and the start of the PGA Tour season in Hawaii — was called the silly season. There were skins games and exhibitions and head-to-head showdowns. There was a lot of money on the line, but it had nothing to do with the PGA tour.

Now we are having a silly all-sports season during what should be the busiest and best time of year for sports fans.

COVID-19 happened as the NCAA basketball tournament was gearing up, as the NBA season was finally starting to get interesting, and as the Major League baseball season was ramping up. Amidst all that was the NFL draft spectacle, that will be much less in 2020.

The NCAA first put its winter sports season on hold, and then cancelled it. The spring sports season also has been cancelled for college athletes. The Masters, has been pushed back to later this year and the 2020 Summer Olympics are on hold until a least 2021.

There is no word on if or when the NBA, NHL, MLS will start up again … if they start up again.

Major League Baseball is still on hold, and there is talk that the upcoming college football season may not happen.

There was chatter about playing games in stadiums with no fans. But that makes little sense. If college football is not safe for fans, how can it be safe for players.

That’s the trouble with COVID-19. It doesn’t play favorites. And the more it sticks around, the more we learn about it.

Is it adapting? I don’t know, but the rules appear to be changing.

People? Animals? Can one affect the other?

They closed down a Smithfield Foods processing plant this weekend. They say it was because workers tested positive for COVID-19. But I wonder if that is the real reason. Can the virus be transmitted via meat? How about poultry and produce?

We don’t think so. But we really DO NOT know.

I’m tired of being at home.

Even for a introverted loner like myself, the time alone is showing side effects.

I’m getting grumpy, OK, well, grumpier.

Each day it gets harder to get out of bed, walk a few feet to my work space in he living rooom and spend 8 t0 10 hours there. Dinner is eaten on the same sofa where I work, watch TV, read, listen to music and play with my dog and cats.

I just want COVID-19 to go away.

I want to get out on a golf course. I want to throw a club after a shank, a duck hook, a slice or a line drive into the turf in front of the tee. I want to spend $5 on a bratwurst with stale onions, cold sauerkrant and week-old mustard. I want to make fun of the bad shots of my playing partners. I want to hear their quips about my funky swing.

I want to see a movie, in a theatre, with a warm, salty soft pretzel in my hands.

I live near Heise Park. I miss the sounds of baseball and softball games and track meets.

I want to go out for breakfast, or go out with family and friends for pizza and beer.

The trouble is, when is the right time?

We just don’t know.

I guess I’m mostly tired of having no answers to any of the pertinent questions.

Russ Kent rkent@aimmediamidwest.com
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Russ Kent is editor of the Galion Inquirer. Email him at rkent@aimmediamidwest.com.