GALION — Galion Primary School assistant principal Katy Erlsten was named the recipient of the Believe Achieve Succeed Award at the Oct. 17 Galion City Schools school board meeting.

Erlsten has been with the district 19 years and has worked in the Primary School the past nine years, serving as the building’s preschool director in addition to her role as assistant principal. She also works to develop programs to engage students’ families in new and exciting endeavors.

“Katy has been instrumental in leading our district’s Preschool Program to a 5 Star Step Up to Quality rating,” said Superintendent Jim Grubbs. “She was extremely supportive through our Primary School Principal transition.”

The Believe Achieve Succeed Award is designed to recognize outstanding accomplishments and leadership by Galion staff members. The award is given just three times per year, and Erlsten is the first district administrator to receive the honor.

“I greatly appreciate Katy’s support while I transitioned into my new role as principal at Galion Primary School,” said Melisa Watters. “Her experience and relationships with the staff have helped for a smooth transition and a great start to the school year.”

“It is a special honor and always a good feeling to be recognized for all of your hard work,” said Erlsten. “We have an amazing staff in the Galion City School District, and it’s nice to be appreciated for the work you love doing every day.”

Katy Erlsten receives Believe Achieve Succeed Award

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