GALION — Benjamin Franklin knew what he was talking about when he said: “An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.”

It’s never too soon to start checking off your back-to-school list, and Pprotecting yourself and others should be at the top of your to-do list this summer!

Galion City Health Department’s planning extra back-to-school clinics.

The local health department is taking appointments for back-to-school immunizations for grades K-12. To avoid the back-to-school rush, the health department encourages all parents to come in before schools reopen in August.

If you are going into seventh grade or will be a senior chances are you are due for some shots.

The health department will be offering Back-To-School Clinics Mondays and Thursdays from June 12 through August 17

Check out The Galion Health Department Facebook page or website for more details. Call 419-468-1075 to schedule an appointment. Please have your insurance information ready.×1024.jpg

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