GALION — There will be a good bit of orange in Galion’s future, and it has nothing to do with the Galion Tigers nor Halloween.

Starting next week, workers will be repairing some bad spots on both sides of Ohio 598, between Carter Drive and Brandt Road. The work is scheduled to start Aug. 8 and be finished in about three days. But that schedule could vary, according to the weather.

The edging and paving is intended to shore up the outside edges of the road that are deteriorating, said Mayor Tom O’Leary.

He added it will be similar to recent work done on Ohio 61 between Mount Gilead and Interstate 71.

Local traffic will be maintained during the work.

Galion and the Ohio Department of Transportation also are planning on some major road work between Heise Park and Carter Drive next year. The work done on that part of Portland Way Nort, will be similar to work done in recent years on Portland Way South between Harding Way and the railroad track south of the city.

That hope is to get some of the preliminary work done on that project before next summer and to complete the project while Galion schools are on their 2017 summer vacation.

However, because that project is not going to commence until 2017, the money not spent on that project will be used to pave some roads in Galion in the fall. The city could have between $300,000 and $400,000 to spend on paving. Possible paving sites included Fairview Avenue, Smith Street and Parsons Avenue. Details and a schedule for the projects will be announced later.

The Sleep Inn at the corner of Ohio 598 and Brandt Road is still on schedule to open in the fall. O’Leary is confident the infrastructure work Galion is required to finish before the hotel opens later this year will be done a month or so ahead of time.

The entrance to the hotel will be off or Brandt Road, not Ohio 598.

O’Leary also said a traffic study is planned for when the hotel opens up and that study will determine if a traffic light or other traffic control measures will be added at that intersection.

Following the resignation of Galion Safety/Service Director John Swain this week, there are plans to perhaps alter the job requirements for the next safety/service director. Until those changes are discussed or implemented, Nikki Ward will continue on as interim safety/service director.

O’Leary mentioned that one of the roles for the new safety/service director will be taking a part in negotations with the unions that represent the City of Galion employees. Those contracts expire in the next six- to eight-months, he said.

By Russ Kent

Inquirer Editor

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