There are about 60 children in Crawford County that are looking for a home.

But Crawford County Department of Jobs and Family Services officials say they need parents who are able to help.

An Informational Foster Care and Adoption Meeting will be held 3-5 p.m. Nov. 18 at the Crawford County Department of Job and Family Services, 224 Norton Way, Bucyrus.

Linda Bassett, who serves as the director of Crawford County Department of Job and Family Services, said the event is designed as an open house for those interested in helping out.

“We have a real need for foster homes for school age children.” she said. “We don’t know if the children will be reunified with the family, which is the goal, or if they will able to adopt.”

Bassett said there are many misconceptions out there about foster care.

“People think they have to have an individual bedroom for each child and if you have to be wealthy, but that’s not the case. If you want to do something productive, what better thing than to help a child.”

Bassett said state aid helps take care of costs.

“Parents traditionally get $25 per day per child,” she said. “In addition, a stipend is offered for clothing and medical needs and parents are eligible for food assistance as well most of the time. We don’t ever want a foster child to be a burden.”

By Chris Pugh