The OHSAA placed the Galion athletic department on probation for two years, suspended Galion coach Chris Hawkins for two games and a player for one game on Tuesday.

The probation is a result of violations of specific OHSAA rules and guidelines related to recruiting as outlined in OHSAA Bylaw 4-9. The district self reported these violations in early June to the OHSAA. The specific points of concern included:

1. Bylaw 4-9-3 #6: “Providing athletic camp brochures that advertise athletic camps available to general population is permissible as long as no direct mailing to specific individuals is conducted.” A Galion coach gave a brochure to a non-enrolled student’s father.

2. Bylaw 4-9-4 #1: “Using direct mailings or electronic communication to send information to a specific individual by name.” A Galion coach sent a team text to players asking them to welcome a player who just moved to town. The player was specifically named before officially enrolling at Galion High School.

3. Bylaw 4-9-4 #6: “Providing favors or inducements, such as T-shirts or caps, to prospective student-athletes or their parents.” A Galion coach allowed a non-enrolled player to borrow a football helmet to be used at a Football Camp.

4. Bylaw 4-9-6: “All questions relating to enrollment, attendance or athletic program shall be handled through the school administration or admissions office.” A Galion coach did report initial contact by a parent in regards to enrollment, but a coach did not adequately handle additional phone calls and/or texts.

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Galion football coach Chris Hawkins argues a call during last November’s playoff game. football coach Chris Hawkins argues a call during last November’s playoff game.
Chris Hawkins suspended for two games for improperly contacting new athlete