Many positive Pickle Run comments


The Pickle Run made its comeback last weekend at Heise Park in Galion. Here are some comments from people who attended from comments from the Galion Inquirer Facebook page and courtesy of the Pickle Run Facebook page:

I loved the community atmosphere. The kids having fun, youth sports fundraising, and the positive energy. I was so impressed with 50+ kids in the bike parade!

– Beth Cornerford

That show was great! We just moved here and was really surprised at how many there were for such a small town!

– Crystal Bennett Marriner

Sarah, this was a GREAT event. Thanks for the idea and making it work!!! Looking to see what you do with it next year.

– Dennis Long

Thanks to all that were involved.

– Josh McCleese

Seeing the park filled with people was awesome. Thanks for everything! Great Day!

– Kevin Strickler

It was so much fun! Ended the weekend with an awesome ninth inning by the Galion Graders and watching fireworks on the baseball field with family surrounded by people who truly were enjoying themselves. It was very moving and humbling to see. Great job everyone!

– Summer Flick

Had a fantastic time this weekend And so did my girls!

– Raquel Ressallat

I saw you running around and you did a great job.

– Scott E. Gifford

You all did a great job! A good time was had by all! Thank you for all your hard work!

– Patty McElhatten Harrelson

Everything was fantastic! Thanks for making it happen!

– Carolina Martinez Karam

Congratulations on a successful weekend!!!

– Marc Snyder

It was great!! Thank you everyone who put this together. Great for the community of Galion.

– Shani Roston Rush

Your hard work & dedication paid off! Great job!

– Devon Ruiz

You rocked it! Thank you to you, and all of your volunteers, for the wonderful weekend!

– Andee Wildenthaler

It was awesome to see so many people at the park and so many families! Thank you!

– Cindy Voss

Great event.. Thank you all. Community coming together that is what I saw last night.

– Shawna Layland

Thank you and to everyone in your group for such a fun weekend for our town!

– Jennifer Laipply Hart

Great job guys

– Ric Roston

Thank you for bringing back such a fun event! It was awesome!

– Aleta Shifley Rowe

What a phenomenal job you all did. Seeing the park on Sunday. I felt like it was the Pickle Run days of old. Outstanding!

– Jon Kleinknecht

Count me in for helping next year!! Great job to all!!

– Erin Miller

It was such a great weekend! It gives me goosebumps thinking about all the people that came out to support. So excited to be involved again next year!!!

– Sarah Brady Wegesin

The punt pass and kick competition was a lot of fun. It was great to see 86 kids turn out and have something to do in town instead of having to go elsewhere.

– Casey Capretta

Thank you to all who worked so hard to bring the Pickle Run back. Great job!

– Diane Sloan Manley

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