Pickle Run essay contest winners


This is a photo of Galion submitted by Jillian Capretta for the Pickle Run Festival.

Galion is bringing back the Pickle Run Festival on July 4-5.

To help honor the comeback, committee members recently held a contest with students in multiple grades from Galion City Schools and St. Joseph Catholic School where they asked what people liked the best about Galion. Here are those selected as the best responses. Letters are grammatically run as submitted to the Inquirer.

Love what Galion has to offer

I love Galion because there are great restaurants here, nice sports, and great parks. The first reason I the Galion is that there are great restaurants here like Taylor’s. Taylor’s has delicious ice cream sandwiches there. I like to go with my grandma because she gets me whatever I want. The second reason why I love Galion is that there are nice sports like football and softball. They have great teams, great coaches, nice uniforms, and nice people on the teams. They are nice even if they lose. They are good sports because they say, “Good game! You did well.” The last reason I love Galion is that I love all the parks because you can play tag with your friends, have fun, and see the very pretty trees. Galion is the best place to because we have great restaurants, nice sports, and great parks!

Hanna Perry

Living in Galion is awesome!

I love living in Galion! I love going to watch the fireworks! They shoot up into the air! I love to go to the public library. I read books and take books home. I love to eat at Pizza Hut and Wendy’s. I love their pizza! I like to get vanilla ice cream in a cone! Living in Galion is awesome!

Madison McGowan

People care about others in Galion

The thing I like most about Galion is that whenever you want you can look up at the sky and you can see the beautiful blue sky with the sun shinning and the birds chirping all morning well until it rains.

Another thing I love about Galion is that every one almost is nice to other people around them. Because I think that everyone has a little bit of good in them even if they don’t know it yet.

But do you want to know what I really love about Galion is that all my friends are here and my family is here. Because my friends are my family and I would never want to leave my family behind. Because I care about them to much and I would miss them really bad.

But the most thing I love about Galion is that everyone spends time with each other and that they have fun together and everyone cares about people. But I would have to say that the most thing I love about Galion is the (Heise) pool Its super fun they have a diving board and a slide that I think I’m tall enough to go on this year. So this is what I love most about Galion.


Galion is a safe place

Why do I love Galion? Well here’s why. There’s not a lot of crime in Galion. Galion isn’t like Columbus, with horrible traffic, thousands of people running around and all crazy. Galion is a nice calm town. The best part about Galion is it has a little bit of everything: restaurants, stores, gas stations, schools and churches. Mainly everything you need. It’s not too big and not too too little. It’s perfect.

Galion is a safe place, where you can ride your bike on the road and not worry about cars too. Whether your area is nice or not. Where your child can go outside and play and you don’t have to worry. It also has nice houses. Also the houses usually don’t cost that much, and they aren’t crowded. You usually have a good space between them. Last if you need help someone will be there in a flash! And that’s why I love Galion. It’s like a mini Columbus! It’s perfect and awesome!

Dakota Barnes

Galion helped my family

When my house caught fire only two days after Christmas at 1:30 in the morning, I was freaked out about what would happen next. Luckily, I live only two minutes from the police and fire department. I saw flashing lights and ambulances, Red Cross, fire trucks, police cars, and many more, and my neighbors. Then I knew that my town had my back. I am just happy that my family got out OK, and my dog, cat, and Siberian Husky puppy got out OK. One of my best friends’s mom found us a house that we could stay in until our house was fixed up again. We received food, clothes and other materials to help us. I just love to know that I could count on our fire department, police department, and the community of Galion to help my family and me.

I am staying in a nice house that is near everything. Galion has everything you need within five minutes! Taco Bell, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and a lot more. I love that Galion has a Catholic school and church.

Galion has a public pool, parks, and the YMCA. We have a lot of places to eat, especially my favorite, Taco Bell. I know Galion is a small town, but it has a lot for everyone. There is something for every single person to enjoy.

I love many things about my Galion community.

Noah Thornton

Galion is small, but that’s OK

What I like about Galion…its hard to decide because there are so many wonderful things about Galion. I recently moved here, but I still know a lot of things about Galion.

I would prefer Galion’s Catholic church over Bucyrus’ Catholic church because Galion’s Catholic church, St. Joseph, is much bigger and much more beautiful. I love Galion’s ball park at Peco Park too. The towns square is just beautiful. I love all of the big buildings that look so old! I live kind of out in the country so we see deer all of the time. All of Galion has beautiful scenery, especially where I live. Galion is small but that’s OK. Have you ever heard the saying “Good things come in little packages”?

Cambria Wolff

Galion is an amazing place to live

I love Galion because it is a safe place to live, it has great pizza places, and the teachers are great. The first reason I love Galion is that it is a safe place to live because there are no tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, sandstorms, and floods. Well, most of the time. Sometimes there are earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods, but the schools have that covered. That is another reason why Galion is a safe place to live because the schools have tornadoes drills in case of an emergency. There can’t be any hurricanes because Galion is nowhere near a beach, and to get a hurricane you need a beach. The second reason why I love Galion so much is that it has amazing pizza places because there are so many pizza places in Galion. Some examples are East of Chicago, Little Caesars, and Pizza Hut. Those are just three examples; there are really a lot more pizza places. Another thing about the pizza places is that some of the money from Pizza Hut goes for the baseball team. The last reason I love Galion is the teachers are great. The teachers that work here in Galion are good at their jobs. They make teaching fun. For example, they do Kahoots. Basically a Kahoot is something where you answer questions and if you get so many correct you get a piece of candy. Galion is the best place to live because it’s a great place all-around! It’s got a great community, stores, parks, schools, teachers, and pizza places! It’s just an amazing place to live!

Jordyn Glascock

Lots to like about Galion

In this story I’m going to tell you about what I like about Galion. I will have all the things I like and don’t like about Galion.

Galion is my home and there are lots of things I like about Galion and there are some things I don’t like also but we will mention those at the end. One thing I like about Galion is that there is a lot of farming around here and I like animals a lot cows, pigs, horses, etc. Another thing I like about Galion is there are plants and lovely flowers and fields of corn. I also like the school there are separate buildings I would like them altogether as one better though I still like to learn, and I like the malls and stores and everything like that.


Like most things about Galion

The one thing that I don’t like about Galion is all the littering. If I see liter I’ll pick it up and throw it away or recycle it. If I’m aloud to pick it up of course. But most of the things about Galion I like. Those were the things and the one thing I didn’t like about Galion. Maybe you can tell me what you like about Galion the place we all love so much as are home. The end.

Tia Hart

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