Season two:Indoorshere I come

Chad Clinger -

GALION — The turn of the season, both in sports and in the weather. I am now entering sports season number two here at the Galion Inquirer and I am finding myself in familiar territory; first year head coaches and many learning experiences.

The fall sports season gave me the chance to be outdoors, a lot. The season started with me roasting in the sun to watch the Galion Tigers football team scrimmaging, lead by a rookie head coach, Matt Dick. By season’s end, I was freezing my tail off watching the final home game against Pleasant. I spent some time watching the girls dominate on the tennis courts while trying to keep myself in the shade. Photographer Don Tudor and I watched some golf and whipped around in a golf cart and I became exhausted just watching the cross country team run all over the course. Coach Valentine and the volleyball team gave me a break from the sun and entertained me all season long. To all of the fall sports coaches, thanks for making the season enjoyable and being as helpful as possible in my first few months of the job.

So, now it’s time for all indoor sports. This sounds pleasant except eventually I will have to leave the confines of the gymnasium, the YMCA or Victory Lanes and make my way through the dreaded cold and snowfall. At the end of the day, it will be worth it though. I enjoy my job, I enjoy sports and I will do my best to highlight the teams and the student athletes’ best all winter long.

Winter brings about some sports that I know next to nothing about. Coach Temple and the swim team, coach Tyrrell and the wrestling team, I am sorry but I am going to need some help. Hey, I am just being honest here. When it comes to basketball I can hold my own but all the cooperation in the world is always welcomed. I have met with girls coach Nick Vukovich and new boys coach Matt Valentine and I don’t think that will be a problem. Oh yeah, and Galion has a varsity bowling program this year! I used to roll a few gutter balls back in my day and most certainly wouldn’t have lettered. Welcome to your first year as head coaches Mr. Valentine, Mr. Lear and Mr. Scribner. Best of luck on your second season coach Vukovich. Coach Tyrrell, I look forward to learning along the way and hope that the season goes smoothly. Coach Temple, good luck on your “40th+” season this winter.

I will continue to live Tweet as much as possible from the sporting events that I am at. I am still relatively new to Twitter as well but I am hoping that, if nothing else, I can keep the community informed and up-to-date on what’s happening from wherever I am that evening. Although it is listed below, here’s my plug: follow me on Twitter @GalionSportsGuy. If you want to reach me, feel free to call the number below or the best way to reach me is by email, I am always interested in your opinion, I always want to talk and I will always do my best to respond.

Last and certainly not least, I want to say thank you! Thank you to all of the Galion coaches and Athletic Director Kyle Baughn for getting me the information requested to make this preview possible. Thank you to the ladies here at the paper for selling the ads and for the businesses buying up the space. I also want to thank the coaches and Athletic Directors from Colonel Crawford, Crestline and Northmor for your cooperation as well. Look for the previews of all of the area teams on our website and in print as we move forward. I absolutely could not forget to thank Photorama, Ellis Studios Inc. and Unique Images of Ohio (all located in Galion) for your cooperation and passing along of the area teams’ photos. Without you, this preview would not be possible.

Chad Clinger

Find Chad on Twitter @GalionSportsGuy

Reach Chad at 419-468-1117 x2048

Find Chad on Twitter @GalionSportsGuy

Reach Chad at 419-468-1117 x2048