New Crawford site takes aim at drugs

By Chris Pugh -

Here is a screen shot from the new “Won’t Happen 2 Me!” web site, which can be found at

A collaboration between multiple Crawford County agencies and the Crawford: 20/20 Vision Team has resulted in a web site designed to help fight drugs in the area.

“Won’t Happen 2 Me!,” which can be found at, is being praised by area officials.

“We have been working on getting this site going for quite some time,” Galion Police Chief Brian Saterfield said. “I believe it is a great website with a lot of information for people.”

He said the site will serve various purposes.

“It will be a site to educate the public, whether you are trying to find out the signs of possible drug abuse, how to talk to those involved or where to go to get help,” Saterfield said. “This is a very good thing for our community.”

Crawford County Sheriff Scott Kent agrees.

“It has a lot of information on it and it addresses several issues,” he said. “We (law enforcement) are always looking for new ways to reach out to the public and keep them informed. This website does this. It speaks to several age groups, from the parent who is looking for treatment options to the teens who are searching for more information on topics of drug use, mental health, and suicide prevention. I think it will give the public insight on what law enforcement and the courts are doing to address the drug issues in the county.”

“We’re looking to pool together all of the resources we have here in Crawford County about drug abuse—from prevention to treatment, from denial to resolve,” said Michelle Failor, Communications and Administrative Coordinator of Crawford: 20/20 Vision & Crawford County Education and Economic Development Partnership (CCEEDP). “‘Won’t Happen to Me’ is a campaign to create public awareness about what is on the site and driving traffic to it so everyone in Crawford County knows where they can go for information and, inevitably, bring to light what is missing, so we can work on either filling the gap locally or updating/adding to what is there now.”

Failor said the information on the site was gathered with help from Alpha 12-Step, Together We Hurt – Together We Heal, ADAMH Board, Community Counseling, Maryhaven, schools, Teen Institute, employers, law enforcement officials , judges and addicts who are looking for help.

“We also have content for youth, who struggle with parents who are addicts, or with their own or their friends’ mental health issues, as well as for youth who are looking for positive things to focus on about their hometown,” she said. “We welcome ideas and suggestions on content from anyone (for now they can email me directly for that) and encourage people to get the word out so people who may need a place to go for this type of information and have a place to go.”

Here is a screen shot from the new “Won’t Happen 2 Me!” web site, which can be found at is a screen shot from the new “Won’t Happen 2 Me!” web site, which can be found at

By Chris Pugh