Galion officer suspended for sleeping on duty

By Chris Pugh and Deborah Elaine Evans - Galion Inquirer

A Galion police officer who was photographed by a passerby while sleeping in his vehicle last week received a 15-day suspension without pay Friday.

This was the second infraction for Dan Tinch, a police officer in the department, Galion Police Chief Brian Saterfield said.

Last December, Tinch had a driving infraction while at work, Saterfield said.

“We filed disciplinary procedures with the union and the city,” Saterfield said. “We followed with discipline according to our policies. He’s a good officer. The purpose of discipline is to correct inappropriate behavior.”

Saterfield declined comment what reasons Tinch gave for sleeping in his car.

The picture was posted on Facebook by the passerby and was quickly went viral throughout the community.

Union representatives didn’t immediately return calls seeking comment.

By Chris Pugh and Deborah Elaine Evans

Galion Inquirer