Area church makes national debut

By Zach Jones -

Taylor Tomlinson a performer on NBC's Last Comic Standing made an appearance at Bellville's CitiChurch in May.

CitiChurch in Bellville made its national debut on the hit NBC show Last Comic Standing last week; the show featured comedian Taylor Tomlinson’s performance at the church on Mother’s Day, May 10, of this year.

Tomlinson’s appearance at CitiChurch is part of their annual effort to enlist comedians to help attendees grieve through the difficulties Mother’s Day can manifest.

“Humor has a way of helping us endure even the toughest of times,” said CitiChurch Pastor Micah Pelkey. “Happiness doesn’t signal our approval for life’s difficulties, it’s simply a sign that we’ve chosen to be cheerful and content regardless of the circumstances.”

“Mother’s Day can be difficult for many individuals whether it’s infertility, loss of a child or death of a parent,” said CitiChurch’s LifeGroups Director Kristin Scott. It’s one of the two times of the year we bring in a comedian to perform in front of our largest crowds she stated.

CitiChurch officials decided Tomlinson’s clean comedic routine was a good fit for their attendees after searching through YouTube stated Scott.

Tomlinson’s performance during the Mother’s Day event was then used as part of her segment on the national comedian spotlighting show. The response to the shown footage was unprecedented.

“People are so excited that such a small town has received national recognition,” said Scott. “The church’s Facebook and Twitter feeds were blowing up promoting the show throughout the week and during the show. It was as if we had one of our own on the show. We love Taylor and we really support her success on Last Comic Standing.”

CitiChurch holds 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. Sunday services, as well as a host of other groups whose information can be accessed at The church is located at 541 State Route 97 in Bellville.

Viewers can also track Tomlinson’s performance on the show every Wednesday at 10 p.m. on NBC.

Taylor Tomlinson a performer on NBC’s Last Comic Standing made an appearance at Bellville’s CitiChurch in May. Tomlinson a performer on NBC’s Last Comic Standing made an appearance at Bellville’s CitiChurch in May.

By Zach Jones

Reach Jones on Twitter @Bellville_Jones

Reach Jones on Twitter @Bellville_Jones