Galion orthopedic surgeon Lawrence A. Pabst retires

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Dr. Lawrence A. Pabst

Dr. Lawrence A. Pabst, an orthopedic surgeon with a long-time medical practice in Galion, retired on Tuesday after 36 years of service.

“I’ve tremendously enjoyed serving and living in this community,” quotes Dr. Pabst. “My practice has been very rewarding. I’ve taken great joy in my association with Avita and the many years spent working alongside a talented group of surgeons.”

Dr. Pabst has been a vital member of Galion Hospital’s surgical team for almost four decades. He helped build Galion’s orthopedic group and spearheaded local advancements in surgery. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Pabst introduced operative arthroscopy techniques to Galion Hospital in June of 1981. Arthroscopy is a procedure in which a joint is viewed using a small camera through tiny incisions as a means to feel, repair, or remove damaged tissue. Knee arthroscopy was of special interest to Dr. Pabst.

In addition to his surgical achievements, Dr. Pabst held many leadership roles at Galion Hospital during his career including; Chief of Staff, Department of Surgery Chair, Quality Assurance Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Medical Staff.

Dr. Pabst currently resides in Lexington with his wife of 36 years, Judy. They have two daughters and three grandchildren, with a fourth one on the way. He plans to spend his retirement enjoying his family, especially his grandchildren, pursuing his hobbies and sports, reading, and traveling.

Dr. Lawrence A. Pabst Lawrence A. Pabst

Staff report


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