Crestline Village Council passes emergency ordinances

April 4, 2014

By Nathan Crock

Inquirer Correspondent

On March 24 Crestline Village Council held their final meeting of the month. Among the several ordinances were passed was 3087 which was back on after being tabled in a previous meeting to be looked at more closely. This ordinance creates a table of organization for personnel within the village. It determines how much personal the police, fire, service, water and sewer treatment department may have, how long they are allowed to work, how many vacation and sick days they are allowed to have, and how much holiday pay will be given. This ordinance went into an emergency vote and was passed.

The next ordinance that was on the agenda was 3089 which was in its third and final reading. This ordinance says that the leaving of written material upon residential property without the consent of the owner, tenant or person lawfully in possession constitutes a nuisance. This ordinance was passed and will go into effect in thirty days.

The next ordinance on the agenda was ordinance 3090. It was another emergency ordinance that was passed to set permanent annual appropriations of the village for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2014. The appropriations set included the general fund, water fund, sewer fund, and street fund among many others. In total the appropriations came to $5,373,641.

The final ordinance on the evening’s agenda was 3091 which was also an emergency. The ordinance was passed and allows for the village to buy a new 2014 Ford F-750 dump truck under state bid contract for the village maintenance department for the total sum of $123,000 through the State of Ohio department of Administrative Services cooperative purchasing program. The money for the vehicle will be coming from the water, street and sewer capital fund and the payments will be financed over a period of five years for $28,000 a year.

It was also announced by the fire and police chiefs that they are looking to find out who is responsible for the recent playground equipment fire at the park. A $5000 warrant has been established by the fire marshal. Mayor Dave Sharrock thanked the chiefs and departments along with the media outlets for getting the word out about the incident. He also said that the people responsible need to be brought to justice. Also during the meeting it was announced that the village is looking into adding a residential building inspector position and that it may be filled internally.

Arbor Day was also brought up during the meeting. Village Administrator Marc Milliron said he will begin talking to the schools about setting a tree planting day up.

It was also announced that the mayor and several other village officials will be attending the tree committee banquet on April 9.

The next meeting of Crestline Village Council will be April 14 at 6:30 p.m.