Celebrate 4-H Week

March 3, 2014

4-H Volunteers Attend 4-H Ohio Volunteer Conference Front Row (L to R): Mike Stump, Don Auck and Jenny Link Second Row (L to R): Rosie Reer and Jen Lepard Third Row (L to R): Jenny Sharrock, Amy Coffman, Roxanne Hiler and Sandy Fankhauser Forth Row (L to R): Taylor Pritchard, Renee Bell, Lori Cochran, Tammy Heefner, Barb Koschnick

Cloverbuds learn action song at Cloverbud FUN Day

Cloverbud learns to make a basket at Cloverbud FUN Day

Cloverbuds at Cloverbud FUN Day learn old fashioned games from Pat Reed.

4-H members receive scholarships for post high school education.

Both Jr. Fair King and Queen are 4-H members.

People gather for the 4-H Forever Dinner and Auction in November.

4-H Campers learn about turtles in Nature Session