Betterment focuses on communication

March 3, 2014

Rachel Mendell

GALION - Communication is the focus of the Galion Area Betterment Commission. Leaders from Galion and Crawford County meet monthly to discuss what is going on in their agency, business, civic organization, governmental entity or charity. Each member shares its news and needs with the others, thus sharing information and fostering understanding between leaders and groups within the area. If you or your group would like to be part of the Betterment Commission, please call 419-468-7737 or 419-468-5121. The next meeting of the Betterment Commission will be April 7 at Noon in the Galion Hospital Cafeteria Board Room. All are welcome to attend.

The Chamber reported a recent ribbon cutting at Déjà Vu on The Square in Galion. They announced the upcoming Economic Forecast Breakfast at the Free Methodist Church on Portland Way North.

The Betterment Commission is looking for nominees for its annual Service Awards. Awards will be given for Citizen of the Year, Organization of the Year and Humanitarian of the Year. For more information call 418-468-7737.

Vision 20-20 is hosting speaker Maurice Clarett on March 18. Doors open at 5 p.m. Call 419-563-1809 for more information.

The Galion Center Y is just about finished with its timeline for the remodel project which will begin soon. Last week was the first week of winter classes. There is still time to join. For more information call 419-468-7754.

The Galion Community Hospital reported new staffing as well as the Da Vinci Robot, which, with cameras and arms in intricate design, surgery for more patients can be non-invasive. Non-invasive surgery means faster recuperation time. For more information call 419-468-4841.

The Theatre closed Kitchen Witches with a successful run. The next production will be “Guys and Dolls” and a large cast is needed. In the meantime, repairs to the Theatre continue. The Theatre is also working on getting the rights to take on a production of “Peter Pan” in August. This will be a Children’s Theatre production. For more information call 419-468-2662.

The Hospital Auxiliary will be having its Book Fair March 28. Due to aging population and snow birds flying south, the auxiliary is in need of volunteers. Patty Rice Groth is willing to speak at any meeting to share information about the hospital’s need. For more information call 419-468-4841.

Near the end of May the historical society will present The History of Sports. The society is training new volunteers, cases have been rebuilt and will house new exhibits, and artifacts are being properly stored and archived. For more information call 419-468-9338.

A few sponsorships did not come through for the Come Home to Galion event and the project is $1,000 in the hole. The group hopes to recoup the debt in the coming year.

The Community Lenten Services begin Sunday March 9. Schedules are posted in area churches, businesses and offices (also see Galion Inquirer community events calendar for more details). The Good Friday Service (April 18) will be held at the Community Theatre. For more information call 419-462-5464.

Getting Ahead Crawford County needs investigators and participants.

The Ministerial Association conducts prayers at city council meetings. The group is looking into installing a police and fire chaplain.

The Galion Alliance Church is hosting a Disability Awareness event March 30. This year’s focus is autism. For more information call 419-468-4553.

Rotary and Kiwanis are working together to bring a circus to town May 20, for two shows, one at 5 p.m. and one at 7:30 p.m. at the old water plant on Jefferson and Church streets. Community Fireworks are scheduled for July 5 and Rotary reports that the band stand is already booked. Becky Miller will be the new president of Rotary. The group is in the process of planning Breakfast at the Airport.

The library had a successful Food for Fines month with food donated to area food pantries. The library is hosting Health Care Market Place meetings where the community can get more information about the new health care opportunities. The library also has many activities planned for the community including Bingo for Books, Drawing for Beginners, the History of Bishop Brown and computer classes (see the Galion Inquirer Community Calendar). For more information call 419-468-3203.

Kiwanis is gearing up for their annual Mother’s Day Rose Sale.

Golden Age Senior Center will hold an Open House March 19 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. The Center’s Spring Bazaar will be March 29 and include crafting items and a rummage sale. For more info call 419-468-5152.

United Way reached their goal and beyond. They will be able to help fund 19 agencies and over 30 programs. March 20 will be the United Way’s annual meeting at Bucyrus Hospital.

Community Action reported that due to the severe winter, the Winter Crisis Program will be extended through April 15. The group is in the process of planning Farmers Markets to begin in April. There is no decrease in need and food pantries continue to need donations.

The Crawford County Commissioners are moving ahead with the repairs for the courthouse dome. They are hosting the Northwest County Commissioners and County Engineers Conference and will be giving attendees a historical and industrial tour of Crawford County points of interest.

The Galion Alumni Association is once again hosting a wine tasting fundraiser at the Country Club. Tickets can be purchased at Uptowne Outfitters or the Candi Bar.

Anyone willing to share what they are doing in the community can come to the Betterment Commission. Please call 418-468-7737 for more information.